3.3 NCP Server Directory and File-System Trustee Rights and Attributes

NCP Server for Linux provides the same file-system trustee rights for both the NSS file system and NCP volumes on Linux POSIX file systems. These are the same rights that exist for NSS file system on NetWare. The trustee rights include:

  • Read

  • Write

  • Create

  • Erase

  • Modify

  • File Scan

  • Access Control

  • Supervisor

For information, see Section 5.1, Understanding the OES Trustee Model for File System Access.

NCP Server supports all NSS file system attributes. For information about attributes, see Section 5.7, Understanding Directory and File Attributes for NSS Volumes.

NCP volumes created on Linux POSIX file systems (such as Btrfs, Ext3, XFS, and Reiser) support only the Read Only, Hidden, and Shareable file system attributes.