10.4 Setting a Directory Quota with the Novell Client

The Novell Client allows the admin user to manage directory quotas for directories in an NSS volume.

  1. In the Novell Client, map a drive to the NSS directory you want to manage, or map to its parent directory.

    1. Right-click the Novell Client icon (the red N icon in the notification area), then select Novell Map Network Drive.

    2. Specify the network path to the directory. For example:

    3. Specify the user name of the Admin user or equivalent user, then click Map.

    4. When prompted, enter the user’s password.

  2. In a file browser, locate and right-click the directory you want to manage, then click Properties > Novell Info.

    Sample NetWare Info Dialog for the Novell Client
  3. In the Space Restriction field, click Change to open the Space Restriction dialog box.

    The Novell Client Space Restriction Dialog Box
  4. Do one of the following to configure the directory quota:

    • Space Restriction: Specify the directory quota in KB. The value must be a multiple of 4.

    • No Space Restriction: Select No Space Restriction to set the directory quota to Unlimited.

    • Complete Space Restriction: Select Complete Space Restriction to set the directory quota to 0 KB. If the directory already contains files and subdirectories, the directory cannot grow beyond the current space consumed.

  5. Click OK to accept the directory quota.