12.4 Using the Novell Client to Configure File System Attributes

Administrators and users with trustee rights can specify some file system attributes for directories and files, using the Novell Client on their workstations.

  1. In a file manager, right-click the network directory or file, select Properties, then click Novell Info.

    Attributes for a File Shown in the Properties Dialog Box
  2. In the Attributes area, select an attribute to enable it, then click Apply.

    The attribute change is applied only if all the following conditions are met:

    • The user has the correct trustee rights necessary to modify the selected attribute.

    • The attribute must be a viable attribute for the underlying file system where the file resides. For example, some attributes apply only to NetWare volumes.

    • The attribute must be enforceable by NCP or NSS in the current network configuration.

  3. Click OK.