9.0 Backing Up Linux POSIX Volumes

Backup of Linux POSIX file systems requires that ACLS and POSIX permissions be set on the Linux path for the Linux User Management (LUM) enabled user performing the backup. The root user has all permissions needed to perform backup of any Linux path. You can use the Linux chmod(8) and chown(8) commands to give the backup user the Linux POSIX permissions to the directory being backed up.

The root user can back up any path in the Linux POSIX filesystem directory. For example, to use the nbackup command for Novell Storage Management Services to back up the data in path /usr/novell/ncpvol2/Data/test*, enter

nbackup -cvf ncptest.sidf -Uroot -Pnovell /usr/novell/ncpvol2/Data/test*

For information about the nbackup command options, see the nbackup(1) man page.

For information about third-party products that support backup on Open Enterprise Server, go to the Open Enterprise Server Partners website, then select Backup in the Product Type list.