7.6 Viewing a List of Linux Volumes

You can use the nlvm list linux volumes command to view information about Linux POSIX and LVM logical volumes that are mounted on the system. For command usage information, see Unshare in the OES 2015 SP1 Beta: NLVM Reference.

  1. Log in to the server as the root user, then open a terminal console.

  2. View a list of active Linux volumes by entering

    nlvm list linux volumes

    For example:

    nlvm list linux volumes
     Name     Group    Mounted    Size Shared  Type LVM NCP Mountpoint
     /                   Yes    15.98GB  No    ext3  No  No /
     /boot               Yes   297.00MB  No    ext2  No  No /boot
     /vol1               Yes    25.98GB  No    ext3  No  No /mnt/vol1
     VOL2                Yes    19.98GB  No    ext3  No Yes /mnt/VOL2
     lvmvol42 lvmvg42    Yes   508.00MB  No     xfs Yes  No /mnt/vol42
     LVMVOL41 LVMVOL41   Yes   508.00MB  No    ext3 Yes Yes /usr/novell/LVMVOL41
     LVMVOL43 lvmvg43    Yes   508.00MB  No     xfs Yes Yes /mnt/vol43