6.15 Renaming a Non-LVM Linux Volume

The Rename option on the NSSMU Linux Volumes page allows you to modify the mount point of a volume. NSSMU uses the name of the last directory in a non-LVM mount point path as the volume name for the non-LVM volume. For example, if you create a non-LVM volume with the mount point path /usr/novell/lxvol1, the last directory name is lxvol1, and the non-LVM Linux volume becomes lxvol1.

Renaming the last directory in a mount point path for a non-LVM volume effectively renames the volume. You should gracefully dismount the volume before using the Rename option in NSSMU. For information about using the Rename option, see Section 6.14, Renaming the Mount Point Path for a Linux Volume. After you rename the volume successfully, you can mount the volume.