6.6 Unsharing a Device

The Shareable for Clustering option on the NSSMU Devices page is intended for marking devices as shareable that you plan to use for cluster-enabled NSS pools or for Novell Cluster Services SBD (split brain detector) partitions.

For Linux volumes, you use devices that are not marked as shareable for clustering. When you cluster-enable an LVM volume group for Novell Cluster Services, clustered LVM controls the share state of the device, not the Shareable for Clustering setting. If a device was previously used for an NSS pool or SBD partition and is marked as Shareable for Clustering, it contains a small 4 KB partition on it to store the state. Before you can create a clustered LVM volume group on the device, you must change the device’s Shareable for Clustering state from Yes to No.

To unshare a device:

  1. From the NSSMU menu, select Devices, then press Enter.

  2. Select the device that you want to unshare by using the Up-arrow and Down-arrow keys.

  3. Press F6 to change the share state of the device from Yes to No.

  4. Press Esc twice to exit NSSMU.