6.13 Dismounting a Linux Volume

Use the Mount/Dismount option on the NSSMU Linux Volumes page to dismount a mounted Linux volume.

IMPORTANT:If an LVM logical volume is clustered, you must use the Novell Cluster Services cluster offline command to allow the unload script to dismount the volume. You can also use the Cluster Manager page in the Clusters plug-in for iManager to online a resource.

  1. From the NSSMU menu, select Linux Volumes, then press Enter.

  2. In the Linux Volumes list, select the volume.

  3. In the volume’s details, view the volume’s current mount status.

    The Mounted status is Yes if the volume is mounted.

  4. Press F7 to dismount the volume.

  5. Select the volume, then view its details to verify that the Mounted state changes from Yes to No.

  6. Press Esc twice to exit NSSMU.