OES 2015 SP1: Upgrading to OES—Best Practices Guide

  OES 2015 SP1: Upgrading to OES—Best Practices Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions
      Why Not Stay on NetWare?
      What About My Older NetWare Servers?
      What’s New in OES?
      What Do Novell Customers Recommend?
      What Are the Differences Between NetWare and OES?
      How Much Training Is Needed?
      What Training Is Available?
      Does Novell Have Community Support to Help Me with My Migration?
    Getting Started
      Assessing Your Current Network
      Identifying Needed Improvements
    Upgrading eDirectory to OES
      About eDirectory in OES
      Planning Your eDirectory Upgrade
      Upgrading eDirectory
      Post-Upgrade Checks
      About Domain Services for Windows
      Additional eDirectory Resources
    Upgrading NSS and Data Storage to OES
      About NSS in OES
      Platform Differences in NSS
      Planning to Upgrade NSS
      Moving NSS and Data
      Post-Upgrade Procedures
      Upgrading Distributed File Services (DFS) to OES
    Upgrading File Services to OES
      Upgrading AFP File Services to OES
      Upgrading CIFS File Services to OES
      Upgrading Novell FTP to OES
      Upgrading iFolder to OES
      Upgrading NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) File Services
      Upgrading NetStorage
    Upgrading Print Services to OES
      About iPrint
      Platform Differences in iPrint
      Planning to Upgrade iPrint to OES
      Upgrading iPrint to OES
      Additional Information
    Upgrading Backup Services to OES
      About Upgrading Storage Management Services (SMS)
    Upgrading Network Services to OES
      Upgrading DNS Services to OES
      Upgrading DHCP Services to OES
      Time Synchronization
      Service Location Protocol (SLP)
    Upgrading Novell Cluster Services to OES
      Planning to Upgrade Novell Cluster Services
      Rolling Cluster Conversions
    Upgrading Other Novell Products to OES
      Identity Manager
    About Third-Party Applications
    Tools for Upgrading to OES
      OES Migration Tool
      Server Consolidation and Migration Tool (SCMT)
      NetWare Migration Wizard
      Additional Information
    About the Management Tools in OES
      Novell iManager 2.7.x
      Novell Remote Manager (NRM)
      OES User Rights Management (NURM)
      About Other Management Tools
    Workstation Considerations
    Server Consolidation
      Replica and CA Server Migration
      Cluster Migration
      Server Identity Migration
    Legal Notices