2.3 Setting Up Keyboard and Mouse

Reconfigure input devices such as the keyboard or the mouse, or add more than one of these devices using the YaST Keyboard and Mouse modules.

2.3.1 Keyboard Layout

In case you want to replace a standard 104-key keyboard with a multimedia keyboard or a use different language or country layout, proceed as follows:

  1. In YaST, click Hardware > Keyboard Layout. The SaX2 configuration tool reads the system resources and displays the Keyboard Properties dialog.

  2. Select your keyboard model from the Type list.

  3. In Layout, select the country layout.

  4. Depending on the country layout, you can choose a certain Variant. The selections are applied immediately for testing.

  5. As an option you can enable Additional Layouts. Check one or more boxes in the list. This feature is handy if you want to switch between different languages or scripts in the running system without the need for reconfiguration.

  6. Before saving the configuration, use the Test field at the bottom of the dialog to check if special characters like umlauts and accented characters can be entered and displayed correctly.

  7. Click OK to leave the configuration dialog and in the following message click Save to apply your changes.

2.3.2 Mouse Model

The mouse is usually detected automatically, but you can set up your mouse model manually if the automatic detection fails. Refer to the documentation of your mouse for a description of the model. If you want to modify your mouse configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. In YaST, click Hardware > Mouse Model. The SaX2 configuration tool reads the system resources and displays the Mouse Properties dialog.

  2. Click Change and select your mouse model from the list displayed.

  3. Click OK to leave the configuration dialog and apply your changes with Save.

In the Options part of the dialog, set various options for operating your mouse.

Activate 3-Button Emulation

If your mouse has only two buttons, a third button is emulated whenever you click both buttons simultaneously.

Activate Mouse Wheel

Check this box to use a scroll wheel.

Invert X-Axis / Invert Y-Axis

Check these options if you want to change the direction in which the mouse pointer moves.

Activate Left-Hand Button Mapping

Check this box to switch the button mapping suitable for left-hand usage.

Emulate Wheel with Mouse Button

If your mouse does not have a scroll wheel but you want to use a similar functionality, you can assign an additional button for this. Select the button to use. While pressing this button, any movement of the mouse is translated into scroll wheel commands. This feature is especially useful with trackballs.

NOTE: Restarting the X Server

Any changes you make here take effect only after you restart the X server. If you want to restart the X server now, log out from the graphical system and log in again.