1.1 Before You Begin

This section contains information about tasks to complete prior to installing and configuring your Forge appliance. Record all pertinent information on your Configuration Worksheet for future reference.

1.1.1 Obtain the License Activation Code

For product licensing, you must have a license activation code. If you do not have a license activation code, request one through the Novell® Customer Center Web site. A license activation code will be e-mailed to you.

1.1.2 Obtain the ESX Licenses

The licensing e-mail sent to the named contact of the purchase with the license activation code also contains the VMware license codes for the ESX part of the Forge appliance. During the configuration of the appliance, you need a Host License file, which you should download beforehand from the VMware Web site.

Go to the VMware Web site and follow the on-screen instructions, using the license codes in your licensing e-mail.

1.1.3 Fill in the Configuration Worksheet

Fill in the remainder of the Configuration Worksheet. This handy reference will save you time and energy during the installation and configuration of your Forge hardware.

1.1.4 Setup the Hardware

Unpack the PlateSpin Forge hardware and using the Components List in the box, ensure all components have been received. If there is anything missing, contact your PlateSpin representative. Using the hardware manufacturer’s documentation shipped with the unit, mount and connect the hardware, including the monitor and keyboard.

Once everything is connected and powered on correctly, proceed to Configuring the Appliance.