6.1 Forge IP Addresses

When the Forge appliance is first set up, several IP addresses are assigned to it, including the PlateSpin Forge Appliance Host (ESX) and the PlateSpin Forge Management VM.

The Appliance Host

The Appliance Host IP address is used to identify the Forge hardware to your network. It provides access to the various workloads you will want to protect.

The Management VM

The Management VM IP address is used to access the Forge web-based client. This is how you logon to Forge to setup protection schedules, perform failover tests and initiate failback activity, among other things. Anything you want to configure the Forge Appliance to do, you do through the client.

Replication IP Addresses

A temporary IP address is assigned to the recovery workload while Forge is replicating data into it.