10.0 Command Line Options

The command line options can be run from either a Linux/UNIX Framework Manager or a Windows Framework Manager. Some can be run from an agent machine.

To use the command line options, change to the unifi directory:

Linux/UNIX: /opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi

Windows: <Drive>:\Program Files\Novell\npum\sbin\unifi

The following sections assume that you are running the commands from the unifi directory. If you are using the new Windows power shell, replace the ./ of the syntax with .\. If you are not using this new Windows shell, remove the ./ from the command. For example:

Linux/UNIX: ./unifi -v

Windows Power Shell: .\unifi -v

Windows: unifi -v

This command displays version information for the Command Control module.

Privileged User Manager supports the following command line options: