2.4 Procedural Overview

The following steps are required to install Privileged User Manager:

  1. Install a Framework Manager. See Section 3.0, Installing the Framework Manager.

  2. When the installation has completed, access and log in to the console. See Section 3.2, Accessing the Framework Console.

  3. Install the Privileged User Manager license. See Section 3.3, Installing a Novell Privileged User Manager License.

    By default, new installations are provided with a 90-day license for five agents, one of which is the manager. You need to install your license before the default license expires.

  4. Set up a Package Manager so you can install additional packages on the agents and push package updates to your framework components. See Section 3.4, Setting Up a Package Manager.

  5. Install and register a Framework Agent on the computers that you want to manage. See Section 4.0, Installing the Agents.

    When you have installed and registered the Framework agents, you have completed the installation of the Framework.

  6. For configuration information, see the Novell Privileged User Manager 2.2.2 Administration guide.