2.3 Managing Licenses

To access PlateSpin Recon License Manager, navigate to Tools and click License Manager on the PlateSpin Recon Client tool bar. All PlateSpin Recon licenses are displayed in the PlateSpin Recon License Manager window.

Additional licenses can be added at any time by clicking Add. Expired licenses can be deleted by selecting them and clicking Delete.

2.3.1 License Splitting

There are cases when more than one PlateSpin Recon Server is needed, such as a system using a number of remote sites that provide distributed monitoring to a central site for analysis, or a very large data center that exceeds the capacity of one PlateSpin Recon Server.

If necessary, a purchased license can be split between 2 or more servers. For example, a per-server license to monitor 1000 servers can be split into one license to monitor 400 servers and another to monitor 600. A per-use license for 3000 server-days of monitoring can be split into one license for 1200 server-days and one license for 1800 server-days.

For more information about splitting licenses, refer to Knowledge Base article Q20876.