3.1 About the Data Center Explorer

The Data Center Explorer is one of several major PlateSpin Recon views. It is used to organize, monitor, view, and manage information about data center assets. Data center assets are physical and virtual machines, and physical and virtual workloads. PlateSpin Recon uses information about them to display dynamic charts, generate performance reports, and generate performance forecasts.

The Data Center Explorer is the central point for:

In the Data Center Explorer, physical and virtual servers are represented in a hierarchical tree structure.

Table 3-1 Data Center Explorer Nodes




Lists all systems


Lists servers that have been discovered but not yet inventoried


Contains servers listed by built-in criteria, such as domain, operating system, or monitoring status


Contains manually grouped servers according to any specific data segregation requirements


Contains servers by data site, including a default local site and others you create to work with data about servers monitored by other instances of PlateSpin Recon, or imported from third-party performance monitoring tools