3.9 Discovery Options

The following section discusses discovery options common to these dialog boxes:

To configure discovery options:

  1. Click the Options button in the Discovery area.

    The Discovery Options dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 3-7 Discovery Options Dialog Box

  2. Configure options as desired.

  3. If selecting Custom for the Port subset type, click Add to assign individual scan protocols to specific ports. Type the Port Number and select the Protocol from the drop-down cell. Hit Enter to apply your edits.

    Most Common subset type refers to ports for common Windows network services. All Standard subset type refers to ports below 1025 used by standard protocols.

  4. Select Discover MAC addresses to find MAC addresses of machines in the same ethernet segment as the PlateSpin Recon Server.

  5. Select Discover computer names to include the computer names in the discovery poll.

  6. Select Add offline computers to discover computers even if they are currently offline.

  7. Click OK.