3.14 Working with Data Collected by Other PlateSpin Recon Instances

You can use performance and utilization data collected by other instances of PlateSpin Recon, such as in a setup where multiple PlateSpin Recon instances handle monitoring and data collection, with one acting as a central PlateSpin Recon instance for generating reports and developing consolidation plans.

NOTE:Machines imported from a remote PlateSpin Recon site can be viewed in reports and charts once the data has been synchronized, as described below. Further inventorying or monitoring cannot take place, though. To do this, perform the actions at the original remote PlateSpin Recon site and then import the machines again. You will also need to synchronize the data again.

To work with data collected by another instance of PlateSpin Recon:

  1. Create a new Remote PlateSpin Recon site to connect to the remote PlateSpin Recon instance:

    1. Right-click in the Data Center Explorer and select Sites > Add Site.

      The Add Site dialog box is displayed.

    2. Select Remote PlateSpin Recon as the new site Type and specify the required basic parameters for the new site, including a Name and an optional Description:

      Figure 3-17 Add Site: Remote PlateSpin Recon Dialog Box

    3. Type the PlateSpin Recon Server URL in the format:

      http://<host>[:port]/PlateSpin_35/PlateSpin Recon_35
    4. From the Credentials drop-down list, select the appropriate credentials or select <New Credential> and add new credentials.

    5. If you want the data stream encrypted, ensure that the Encrypt Data Stream check box is selected.

    6. (Optional) Click Connection Test to verify connectivity with the remote server.

    7. Click OK.

      Note the new site under Sites in the Data Center Explorer.

  2. Right-click the Remote PlateSpin Recon site you just created, then select Sites > Import Machines from the menu.

  3. Right-click the Remote PlateSpin Recon site again, then select Sites > Synchronize Data from the menu.