6.11 Consolidating Data from NetWare 4 Servers

NetWare 4 servers use the IPX™ protocol exclusively and do not support TCP/IP communication. Therefore, before running a consolidation project from a NetWare 4 server to a NetWare 5, NetWare 6, or Nterprise Branch Office appliance, you must first bind IPX on the destination server and on the workstation running the Server Consolidation Utility. Otherwise, the consolidation will fail.

6.11.1 Binding IPX on the Server

  1. At the server console, enter


  2. Select Boards, then press Enter.

  3. Press Insert.

  4. Select the appropriate network interface, then press Enter.

  5. Specify a board name and slot number, then press Esc.

  6. Select Yes to save changes, then press Enter.

  7. To return to the main Internetworking Configuration screen, press Esc.

  8. Select Protocols, then press Enter.

  9. Select IPX, then press Enter.

  10. Enable and configure IPX, then exit the INETCFG utility.

HINT:If you prefer, IPX can also be enabled on the server by adding the appropriate LOAD and BIND commands to the server’s autoexec.ncf file.

6.11.2 Binding IPX on the Client

  1. Access the Novell Client software and start the installation procedure.

  2. Select the client version you want, then click Next.

  3. Select the appropriate language, then click Next.

  4. Select Custom, then click Next.

  5. Select IP and IPX.

  6. Click Next > Next > Finish.

6.11.3 Verifying IPX Is Bound on the Client

  1. Right-click the red N on the status bar (system tray) on your workstation.

  2. Select Novell Client Properties.

  3. Click the Protocol Preferences tab.

    If the Protocol window displays both IP and IPX, the client has IPX bound.

    If the Protocol window displays only IP, then IPX needs to be bound on the workstation.

You can now proceed with your consolidation project.