4.1 About Passphrases

Passphrases are an important security component in the implementation of Novell® SecureLogin. Passphrases are unique question and answer combinations created to verify and authenticate the individual. In a directory environment, you can create passphrase questions for users to select a question and provide an answer for it. You can also permit users to select or provide questions and answers.

Passphrases protect user credentials from unauthorized use. For example, in a Microsoft Active Directory* environment, you can potentially log in to the network by resetting the user’s network password.

However, this cannot happen you are using Novell SecureLogin. If someone other than the actual users tries to reset the network password, Novell SecureLogin triggers the passphrase question. The user must provide the correct answer before successfully logging in. Even an administrator cannot access the user’s single sign-on-enabled applications without knowing the user’s passphrase answer.

When Novell SecureLogin is launched for the first time on the user’s workstation, the Passphrase Setup dialog box is displayed.

Figure 4-1 Passphrase Setup Dialog Box

Passphrase Authentication

Passphrases are used to authenticate when:

Benefits of Passphrases

Some of the benefits of using passphrase include:

NOTE:You can disable the passphrase security system, but it also removes the features mentioned in the preceding section.