6.2 Creating a User Login and Credentials

Logins and credentials are typically created automatically as part of the application definition, but you can manually create and edit them if required.

To create logins and credentials:

  1. On the notification area, double-click the Novell SecureLogin the icon. The Personal Management utility is displayed.

  2. Click My Logins. The existing Logins are displayed.

  3. Click New. The Create Login dialog box is displayed.

  4. In the Name/Id field, specify a Name/ID for the login.

  5. Click OK. The Login name/ID is added to the My Logins pane.

  6. From the My Logins on the left pane, select the login you have created.

  7. Click New. The Create Credential dialog box is displayed.

  8. In the Name field, specify a name for the new credential.

  9. Click OK. The new credential is added to the Login details.

  10. In the Value column, specify a value for the credential.

  11. Click Apply. The new credential variable and its value are displayed.