9.5 Using the Web Wizard to Enable a Web Site

  1. Start your Web browser and navigate to the Web site containing the login fields.

  2. Enter your login details. The Web login detected dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click one of the following options:

    • Yes: To single sign-on-enable the Web site.

    • Later: To stop the enabling process for this session. You will be prompted to enable the Web site the next time you log in.

    • Never: To stop the enabling process for this Web site and never receive future prompts.

    • Options: To customize the description for this application.

    SecureLogin captures your login details and adds them to your Web application definitions.

  4. To view the application definition created above, start the Personal Management utility.

  5. Click Applications. The application definitions are listed in the Applications pane.

  6. In the navigation tree, under Web, double-click the application created by the Web Wizard. The Details tab lists the application definition.

  7. Click the Definition tab.

    NOTE:The Definition tab lists the application definition. The Definition tab allows you to customize site and credential details. Also available on this tab is an Advanced button which provides more functionality for these application definitions.

  8. (Optional) Customize Site Properties by selecting the following:



    You want to automatically login to the Web site each time you go to it.

    Select the SecureLogin proceeds with login after entering your credentials check box.

    You have more than one login for a Web Wizard application.

    Select the Supply credentials check box and click the appropriate credentials in the drop-down list.

    You want to view the descriptions and associated site details.

    Click Advanced.

    You want to convert the details on the Definition tab to a SecureLogin application definition which displays as script.

    Click Convert To Script. If you select Convert To Script, the action cannot be reversed. To enable an application, you must delete the existing Web Wizard application definition and repeat the process of enabling the Web site for single sign-on.