9.8 Enabling Terminal Emulator Applications

You can configure terminal emulators for single sign-on in the application definition editor in the Administrative Management utility, in the Personal Management utility, and the Terminal Launcher tool.

To enable a terminal emulator for single sign-on, you must run tlaunch.exe, which you configure in Terminal Launcher, and link to the configuration in an application definition.

Terminal Launcher helps you configure terminal emulator applications for single sign-on. The following sections document these procedures to do the following through an example application:

Although these procedures apply to most terminal emulators, the application definition and other configuration information might differ for each emulator application. Contact Support for help.

9.8.1 Support for the MEDITECH Predefined Application

Novell SecureLogin 6.1 SP1 supports MEDITECH* 3.x and 4.x. It is dependant on the mandatory presence of the MEDITECH mrwscript.dll. The .dll file is provided by MEDITECH and must be installed during the installation of the MEDITECH application on the workstation.

NOTE:If you are an existing customer of Meditech, you can obtain the mrwscript.dll as part of your MEDITECH support agreement.

During the installation of the predefined MEDITECH application, SecureLogin detects the presence of the file and immediately warns, if the file cannot be located.

Figure 9-1 MEDITECH Warning Message