9.10 Building a Terminal Emulator Application Definition

In the following procedure, you build a terminal emulator application definition on the local workstation for the example application Eicon* Aviva*.

  1. Open the Personal Management utility of SecureLogin by double-clicking , or by selecting Start > Programs > Novell SecureLogin > Novell SecureLogin.

  2. Select File > New > Application. The New Application dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select New Application Definition.

  4. In the Type drop-down list, click Terminal Launcher.

  5. In the Name field, specify a name for the application definition (in this example, Eicon Aviva), then click OK. The new application definition is added to the Applications pane.

  6. Double-click the new application definition. The Details tab is displayed.

  7. Click the Definition tab. The application definition editor is displayed.

  8. Delete the default text displayed in the text box: # place your application definition here

  9. In this example for Eicon Aviva, type the following in the text box:

    Type @E
    WaitForText "ENTER USERID -"
    Type $Username
    Type @E
    WaitForText "Password  ===>"
    Type $Password
    Type @E
    WaitForText " Welcome to Eicon Technology"
    WaitForText "***"
    Delay 1000
    Type @E 

    You must type the screen syntax accurately in the application definition editor; otherwise it will fail to operate. Wherever possible, cut and paste the text directly from the emulator screen into the editor.

  10. Click the Details tab.

  11. Ensure that the Enabled check box is selected.

  12. Click OK.