12.1 Adding Support for Password Changes

Depending on your organization's policies regarding password expiration, users might be required to change their passwords on a regular basis. Each time user password is changed for an application that is enabled for single sign-on, SecureLogin must update the password data. To ensure that user password changes are updated in SecureLogin, it is important to configure SecureLogin to respond to the Change Password dialog box.

Using the Add Application Wizard, you can configure SecureLogin to automatically generate a new password (according to password policy, if required) whenever the Change Password dialog box is displayed. A randomly generated password is safer than user-defined, reusable passwords.

IMPORTANT:The Change Password dialog box must be displayed for the Add Application Wizard to identify it.

  1. Display the Change Password dialog box.

  2. On the notification area, right-click the Novell SecureLogin icon, then click Add Application. The Welcome to SecureLogin page is displayed.

  3. Click Next. The Single sign-on enable an application page is displayed.

  4. Click Next. The Single sign-on enable a Windows application login or message box is displayed.

  5. Click and drag the onto the application’s login title bar. The Select window function page is displayed.

  6. In the drop-down list, select Change Password Window.

  7. Click Next. The Select the appropriate fields and enter credentials page is displayed.

  8. Click and drag the onto the appropriate boxes, and then click and drag the onto OK. This ensures that all fields are active and can be identified by the wizard.

  9. Click Next. The Name the application definition page is displayed.

  10. Select the name of the application definition created initially for the application’s logon (recommended), then click Finish. The Add Application Wizard updates the application definition and closes.