13.1 About Distributing Configurations

SecureLogin preferences, application definitions, password rules, and credentials are collectively the SecureLogin configured user environment. You can deploy and maintain this environment at all object levels, including by file import or backup to stand-alone users and through Group Policy Objects in Active Directory networks.

A single sign-on environment that is configured at the container, organizational unit, or Group Policy level is inherited by all associated directory objects in the hierarchy.

We recommend that you first enable applications for single sign-on locally, in a test user account, then copy to the container, OU or Group Policy level for mass deployment. This applies to all SecureLogin configurations, including password policies and preferences. Lower-level settings that you manually configure always override higher-level settings. Therefore, configuration at the user object level overrides all higher level configuration settings. You can manually disable inheritance by selecting Yes next to Stop walking here in the Preferences Properties table.