13.2 Distributing Configurations Within Directory Domains

There are two options for distributing the single sign-on-configured environment within the domain:

Choose the appropriate option based on the additional information in the following table:

Table 13-1 SecureLogin Configuration Options



  • Multiple containers or organizational units require the same SecureLogin environment, and you want to manage configuration from one directory object.

  • Inheritance from a higher level than the object selected for Corporate Redirection is not required.

  • The container or OUs are on the same directory tree.

We do not recommend using Corporate redirection across a LAN or WAN.

Click Corporate redirection.

  • You want to distribute configurations within the same domain across a LAN or WAN.

  • You want to quickly replicate a complete SecureLogin configuration environment from one object to another in the directory.

  • You do not want to use XML files to distribute SecureLogin configuration data.

Click Copy SecureLogin configuration.