3.1 Launching an Application in a Citrix Environment

This release of Novell SecureLogin integrates more tightly with Citrix and terminal services and simplifies the method in which single sign-on support is provided for published applications.

This means that you no longer need to manually publish applications or modify the Program Neighborhood shortcuts to include references to the SLLauncher.exe file.

Novell SecureLogin can now be launched without manually publishing the Citrix applications. Novell SecureLogin can be started or shut down after a user has terminated all the applications, which delivers a far more efficient, simple, and reliable single sign-on solution for any Citrix and terminal services environment.

3.1.1 Deploying Existing Citrix Published Applications

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Novell SecureLogin, you do not need to change the SLLauncher.exe shortcuts previously created for published Citrix applications. Novell SecureLogin modifies the existing SLLauncher.exe automatically so that SLLauncher.exe is a shell that runs any command line passed to it.

The Novell SecureLogin installer now automatically detects that the installation is on a Citrix server and prompts you to verify the new Citrix components to be installed.

IMPORTANT:After the successful installation of Novell SecureLogin, if a user has a published desktop application open at the same time as a published application, any changes made to Novell SecureLogin data on the desktop are not reflected in the published application session until Novell SecureLogin is restarted.