8.0 Troubleshooting

This sections provides information to troubleshoot some of the issues encountered when using Novell SecureLogin in a Citrix environment.

SLLauncher Fails To Launch SLBroker

Source: With Novell SecureLogin 6.1 and later, SLLauncher is not needed. However, it is still available for backward compatibility.
Explanation: The requirement does not require the new SLNRMonitorServer.exe and SLWTS.exe to run for all published applications and want only SL* executibles to be active when launched by SELECTED SSO enabled published applications.

All SecureLogin components must remain dormant until a Novell SecureLogin enabled published application is launched.

Possible Cause: With Novell SecureLogin 6.1, single sign on does not occur for published applications unless SLNRMonitorServer.exe, SLWTS.exe, or SLProto are already running. If these are not available in task manager, single sign on does not occur when a published application configured with SLLauncher.exe is launched. The task manager shows SLLauncher as active, but does not show SLBroker
Action: The group that manages Citrix must be able to test or troubleshoot issues by logging in to the Citrix servers either with SecureLogin enabled or disabled.

To resolve:

  1. On the Citrix server start regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

  2. Double click on AppSetup entry and remove sllauncher.exe, slwts.exe from the value.

    All published applications that have a single sign on service are no longer available because slbroker.exe is not no longer started through slwts.exe.

  3. Create a separate published application for each published application that requires single sign on service by adding sllauncher.exe before the name of the application.

    The behavior is now similar to the behavior prior to Novell SecureLogin 6.1.

    IMPORTANT:As with pre-6.1 releases, switches are not required to be specified after the application name.