10.1 Accessing iManager

You can run iManager from a directory on a server or a workstation.

  1. In a supported Web browser, type the following in the Address (URL) field:


    For example:

    You might be redirected to an HTTPS secure page

    IMPORTANT:The URL is case sensitive.

  2. Log in using your username, password, and eDirectoryâ„¢ tree name.

    You can substitute the IP address of an eDirectory server for the tree name.

    To have full access to all Novell® iManager features, you must log in as a user with admin-equivalent rights to the tree.

For details on accessing iManager, go to the Novell Documentation Web site for iManager 2.6

10.1.1 iManager Plug-In for Novell SecureLogin

The iManager plug-in for Novell SecureLogin are .npm files. The plug-in are:

  • pcprox.npm

  • secretstore.npm

  • sso.npm

  • sw.npm