8.1 Windows Installer Command Line Options

The following are basic Windows Installer command-line options used to manually install, uninstall; and configure software and components:




Installs or configures a product.


Repairs a product.


Installs or configures a product on a network.


Uninstalls a product.


Applies a patch to a product.


Sets the user interface (UI) level during the installation of a product.

The following are the standard Windows installer command line options that can also be used to install, uninstall software and components:




Displays the help and quick reference options.


Installs without user interaction.


Installs with a progress bar.


No restart after installation.


Always restarts after installation.


Prompts user to restart after installation.


Uninstalls an application.


Writes a log file after installation.


Installs or configures an application.


Installs one or multiple patches.

For details of Microsoft Windows Installer command line options and parameters, refer the MSDN Library.