4.9 The Advanced Settings Pane

Figure 4-19 The Advanced Settings Pane with the Passphrase Option

The Advanced Settings page contains the following three tabs:

Table 4-15 The Advanced Settings Pane

Tab Name



This page contains fields for:

  • Creating, editing, and deleting corporate passphrase questions.

  • Customizing passphrase prompts.

  • Editing passphrase policies.


This is used for:

  • Selecting directory data version details (for mixed mode environments by using the earlier versions of the client software).

  • Deleting the Novell SecureLogin configuration for a datastore object.

Corporate Redirection

This is used for managing configuration from one directory object when multiple container or organizational units require the same Novell SecureLogin environment.

NOTE:The Advanced Settings option is not available in the Personal Management utility.