1.0 Overview

NovellĀ® SecureLogin is a Single Sign-on (SSO) product. It eliminates the necessity for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords. It stores usernames and passwords and automatically retrieves them for users when required.

Novell SecureLogin consists of multiple, integrated security systems that provide authentication and single sign-on to networks and applications.

This release of Novell SecureLogin runs on Microsoft* Windows Vista* as well as Windows* 2000 and XP so, migrating to Vista is transparent to users and deployment is easy for administrators.

Novell SecureLogin has wizards, an iManager plug-in, and tools that make it easy to centrally configure for use on the corporate network.

It supports usernames, passwords, and multi-factor authentication such as smart cards, tokens, or biometrics at the network and application levels.

In this document, we take a menu-oriented approach in explaining how to use the Personal Management utility to customize Novell SecureLogin to your preferences and requirements.