7.2 Creating a Passphrase

The first time log in to your workstation and launch NovellĀ® SecureLogin, you are prompted to set up your passphrase question and answer.

  1. The Passphrase Setup dialog box is displayed.

    If your administrator has defined a set to question, you must select one of the questions and specify your answer.

  2. In the Enter a question field, select or specify a passphrase question.

  3. In the Enter the answer field, specify the new passphrase answer.

  4. In the Confirm the answer field, retype the new passphrase answer.

  5. Click OK. The changes are saved.

NOTE:If your administrator has changed the Security preference from Hidden to Yes, you are promoted to re-enter your passphrase question and answer.

Specify your passphrase again (after the initial set up) to continue with the login.