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This Micro Focus Service Desk provides information about What’s New in the Micro Focus Service Desk 7.2 release. The guide includes the following sections:


This guide is intended for Micro Focus Service Desk users.


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Additional Documentation

ZENworks is supported by other documentation (in both PDF and HTML formats) that you can use to learn about and implement the product. For additional documentation, see the Micro Focus Service Desk documentation website.

1.0 What’s New in 7.2

Micro Focus Service Desk 7.2 release comes with a new and improved portal including features such as KeyShield SSO integration, Item Reconciliation, and Telemetry.

This release also includes countermeasures against potential threats like cross-site scripting and SQL injection for a more secure environment.

The following sections describe the new features and enhancements in Micro Focus Service Desk 7.2:

1.1 Rebranding

Micro Focus Service Desk now has a new look with options to customize as per your requirements such as the logo, colors, and icons. For a video demonstration, see Rebranding and Customizing.

1.2 New Features

1.2.1 Technician/Admin Portal

An option is provided to create generic requests from any page. This enables technicians to handle multiple customers issues from different channels.

Service Desk has a new system of color coding to quickly identify incidents, and other requests based on priority, without using filters to sort the incoming tickets. This will help to identify and address customer issues quickly and efficiently.

1.2.2 Item Reconciliation

Now you can select any field of choice as the reconciliation field to identify unique items and thus improve on the ZENworks import capabilities that were provided in the earlier releases.

1.2.3 KeyShield SSO

The KeyShield SSO feature is now fully integrated into Micro Focus Service Desk, this feature provides a single sign-on mechanism, and works with other Micro Focus products such as Filr, GroupWise, and Vibe. For more information, see KeyShield SSO.

1.2.4 Telemetry

Telemetry enables Micro Focus to collect statistical data about your usage of Micro Focus Service Desk. This data will enable us to make the right decisions to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Service Desk. For more information, see Telemetry.