3.10 Bundle Quick Tasks

Micro Focus Service Desk allows you to quickly perform certain actions on one or more devices:

  1. Log in to the Micro Focus Service Desk user interface through ZENworks.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Micro Focus Service Desk User Interface through ZENworks.

  2. In the Tasks panel, click the service request you want to resolve.

  3. In the ZENworks Tools panel, click Bundles.

  4. In the Bundles panel, ensure that the Filter option is set to Device Bundles.

  5. Select the bundles on which you want to perform the quick tasks and then click Quick Tasks.

  6. In the Bundle Quick Tasks panel, select the quick task action you want to perform.

    • Install Bundle: Lets you immediately install a bundle to one or more devices.

    • Uninstall Bundle: Lets you uninstall a bundle from one or more devices. Uninstalling a bundle does not remove its assignments or prevent the bundle from being reinstalled.

    • Launch Bundle: Lets you immediately launch a bundle for one or more devices. If the bundle is not already installed, it is installed and then launched

    • Verify Bundle: Lets you verify if the specified bundle is properly installed on the device.

    • Distribute Bundle: Lets you distribute (download and install) the specified bundle on the device.

  7. Click Execute.

    The status of the quick task action is displayed in the Bundle Management window.