2.9 Logging in to the Novell Service Desk User Interface through ZENworks

  1. Use a Web browser to go to the following URL:


    Replace Novell_Service_Desk with the IP address or DNS name of the Novell Service Desk server and replace port with the port number specified during the installation of Novell Service Desk. The default port is 8700.

    NOTE:If you choose to use Internet Explorer 8.0 browser to log in to Novell Service Desk, you must ensure that the version of the browser is higher than Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385.

    Novell Service Desk User Interface with ZENworks Icon for logging in to ZENworks
  2. Click the ZENworks icon on the Novell Service Desk Login page.

  3. In the Novell ZENworks login dialog box, specify the credentials and click Login to log in to the Novell Service Desk user interface.

    Novell ZENworks login page