Novell Service Desk 7.0.2

August, 2013

Novell Service Desk is a complete service management solution that allows you to easily monitor and solve services issues so that there is minimal disruption to your organization, enabling users to focus on the core business. It provides an online support system to meet the service requirements of all your customers, administrators, supervisors, and technicians.

This Readme includes information pertaining to Novell Service Desk 7.0.2:

1.0 Novell Service Desk 7.0.2 Licensing

This release supports upgrading from the previous versions of Novell Service Desk. Upgrading from Novell Service Desk 6.x requires a new license to access Novell Service Desk 7.x. Users with valid maintenance of earlier versions will need to contact Novell Technical Support for new licenses.

2.0 New Features and Enhancements

2.1 Item Search

  • Attribute Search now includes an option to search Notes and Purchase Order to find an item.

2.2 Item Relationships

  • Item Relationship Search now includes an option to search Purchase Order and Organizational unit to find an item.

2.3 Web Services

  • Web Services are enhanced to add description, cost and notes to an item.

2.4 ZENworks Integration

  • ZENworks integration can now be performed entirely through Novell Service Desk User Interface including automated certificate exchange.

2.5 Upgrade

  • New user interface enables administrators to monitor progress of the upgrade and notifies them when the process is completed.

2.6 Items

  • The number of configurable fields for an item category is extended to 40.

  • Item Views Editor now has the option to include Purchase Order field as a column in the Items list.

  • The Bulk option for items is now available for the partner.

2.7 Finance

  • Each item listed on a purchase order now has a link to its details.

2.8 Request

  • Technician can add notes to any request regardless of team assignment.

  • The attachment size is now limited to 100MB for end user/customer.

2.9 Report

  • New report is included, KPA - Organization unit summary.

2.10 Localization

  • Swedish language localization introduced. Improvements made for German, Spanish, and French languages.

3.0 Known Issues

3.1 Unable to run ZENworks Remote Management from Novell Service Desk by using an IE browser

An error occurs when you try to run a ZENworks Remote Management operation for the first time after installing the ZENworks Remote Management Viewer plug-in.

Workaround: Before running a ZENworks Remote Management operation, in the ZENworks Remote Management plug-in click Allow in the message bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

3.2 The In-Place upgrade methods for upgrading Virtual Appliance from previous versions to 7.0.2 version is not supported

Only the side-by-side migration of Novell Service Desk Virtual Appliance from previous versions (6.5.4, 7.0 and 7.0.1) to Virtual Appliance 7.0.2 is supported.

3.3 Unable to connect to MS-SQL database with Windows authentication credentials

Novell Service Desk supports only the SQL server authentication mode and not the Windows authentication mode.

3.4 An error occurs on clicking the Feedback tab after upgrading Novell Service Desk 6.5.4 to 7.0.2 version

After upgrading Novell Service Desk from previous versions to 7.0.2, the Error Reading Data message appears on clicking the Feedback tab on the Home page.

Workaround: Before upgrading to Novell Service Desk 7.0.2, complete all the outstanding surveys.

3.5 Delay in displaying the Database Connection Lost message

During upgrade, in case the Database connection is lost or if the database goes down by accident, there may be a slight delay in displaying the connection lost status to the user.

Always ensure that the database and server are up and running. It is recommended not to restart the database while upgrade is in progress.

3.6 A java.lang.reflect.InvocationException exception might occur after saving the database configuration after installation or upgrade

After saving the database configuration file after installation or upgrade, when user expects a login page, a java.lang.reflect.InvocationException exception might appear. This occurs if there are any network connectivity issue between the Novell Service Desk and the Database server during Databases initialization.

Workaround: Ensure that the Database is up and running, and there are no connection issues between Database and Novell Service Desk. Restart the Novell Service Desk application.

3.7 Exceptions are thrown after launching the Novell Service Desk Installer

You can see some exceptions on the Command Line Interface after launching the Installer. This is an intermittent issue and does not have any functional impact.