Novell Service Desk 7.0.3

March 2014

Novell Service Desk is a complete service management solution that allows you to easily monitor and solve service issues. It provides an online support system to meet the service requirements of all your customers, administrators, supervisors, and technicians.

Novell Service Desk is integrated with ZENworks to enable you to seamlessly work with the Bundle Management and Remote Management capabilities of Configuration Management. This increases the efficiency with which the Service Desk users can manage service requests.

This Readme includes information pertaining to Novell Service Desk 7.0.3.

1.0 Novell Service Desk 7.0.3 Licensing

This release supports upgrading from the previous versions of the Novell Service Desk. A new license is required while upgrading from Novell Service Desk 6.x to access Novell Service Desk 7.x. Users with valid maintenance of earlier versions need to contact Novell Technical Support for new licenses.

2.0 New Features and Enhancements

The focus of this release is to address defects and minor customer enhancements as given below:

Customer Portal

  • Improved Item Search: Ability to now search an item with the partial name

  • Configurable options to select the visibility of Items and Service tab in the Customer portal

  • Ability to attach multiple files for requests

  • Quick call access configurations in the Customer portal are now honoured

  • Improved notify field data validation to ensure a valid email address is provided


  • Queues support to team’s escalation layers: Escalated requests get assigned to the layer

  • Improved conflict management, alerts, and audit trail when data is modified by multiple sources

  • Improvements to service request team filters: Only the technicians that are part of the team the request belongs to, can now see the request


  • Support to import eDirectory users having same CN in different contexts

  • Support for non-English characters in LDAP

  • Improvements to LDAP customer sync in mixed-mode settings

Reports and Dashboard

  • New report included: Service Requests by Organization

  • Improvements to dashboard: Request streams now show requestor/customer names

  • Improvements to request reports: For calculation of Mean Request Open Time


  • Notifications: Configurable options for users/technicians to select or deselect request notifications

  • Calendars: User/Technician calendar now displays configurable public holidays


  • Upgrade now supports case-sensitive settings for MySQL on SLES


  • Localization improvements in multiple places

3.0 Known Issues

3.1 Unable to run ZENworks Remote Management from Novell Service Desk by using an IE browser

An error occurs when you try to run a ZENworks Remote Management operation for the first time after installing the ZENworks Remote Management Viewer plug-in.

Workaround: Before running a ZENworks Remote Management operation, in the ZENworks Remote Management plug-in click Allow in the message bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

3.2 The In-Place upgrade methods for upgrading Virtual Appliance from previous versions to 7.0.3 version is not supported

Only the side-by-side migration of Novell Service Desk Virtual Appliance from previous versions (7.0, 7.0.1, and 7.0.2) to Virtual Appliance 7.0.3 is supported.

3.3 Unable to connect to MS-SQL database with Windows authentication credentials

Novell Service Desk supports only the SQL server authentication mode and not the Windows authentication mode.

3.4 An error occurs on clicking the Feedback tab after upgrading Novell Service Desk 6.5.4 to 7.0.3 version

After upgrading Novell Service Desk from previous versions to 7.0.3, the Error Reading Data message appears on clicking the Feedback tab on the Home page.

Workaround: Before upgrading to Novell Service Desk 7.0.3, complete all the outstanding surveys.

3.5 Delay in displaying the Database Connection Lost message

During upgrade, in case the Database connection is lost or if the database goes down by accident, there may be a slight delay in displaying the connection lost status to the user.

Always ensure that the database and server are up and running. It is recommended not to restart the database while upgrade is in progress.

3.6 A java.lang.reflect.InvocationException exception might occur after saving the database configuration after installation or upgrade

After saving the database configuration file after installation or upgrade, when user expects a login page, a java.lang.reflect.InvocationException exception might appear. This occurs if there are any network connectivity issue between the Novell Service Desk and the Database server during Databases initialization.

Workaround: Ensure that the Database is up and running, and there are no connection issues between Database and Novell Service Desk. Restart the Novell Service Desk application.