3.2 Creating Action Objects

  1. Create the Action Object itself in the designated Action Object Container.

  2. Add the appropriate attributes needed for the operation.

    At a minimum, you need to specify the cccFSFactoryActionOperation attribute, which determines the type of Action Object. In most cases, you also need to specify the cccFSFactoryActionPath1 attribute. For details on the attributes and values needed for each action type, see Section 6.0, Actions Reference.

  3. Add any additional attributes needed for Action Object linking, scheduled execution time, or system cleanup.

  4. Add the cccFSFactoryActionTrigger attribute with a value of Ready to notify the Novell Storage Manager Event Monitors and Engine that the Action Object is ready for processing.

For examples of how to create an Action Object using iManager, LDAP, and Novell Identity Manager, see Section 5.0, Usage Examples.