3.5 Reusing Action Objects

An Action Object can be reused as needed.

  1. Verify that the Action Object to be reused is not currently processing. Verify this by examining the cccFSFactoryActionResult attribute for a Success or error message, or by examining the cccFSFactoryActionStatus attribute.

  2. If the cccFSFactoryActionTrigger attribute has a value, clear or delete the cccFSFactoryActionTrigger attribute.

    If you are using iManager or ConsoleOne, be sure to apply the delete or modification of the attribute before continuing. Failure to do so prevents the event trigger from occurring.

    You might also want to clear other values such as the cccFSFactoryActionResult and the cccFSFactoryActionStatus.

  3. Set the cccFSFactoryActionTrigger attribute to the value Ready to reissue the Action Object.