5.1 iManager

The following example illustrates how to create a CreateDir Action Object by using iManager.

  1. Start iManager and select the View Object button in the menu at the top.

  2. Browse to and select the configured Action Object container in the tree view on the left.

  3. Select New > Create Object.

  4. Select Show all object classes, browse for and select cccFSFactoryAction, then click OK.

  5. Specify a name for the new Action Object, then click OK.

  6. For a CreateDir operation, provide values for the following attributes:

    • cccFSFactoryActionOperation

    • cccFSFactoryActionOption

    • cccFSFactoryActionPath1

  7. After all of the appropriate values for the action have been filled in, add the cccFSFactoryActionTrigger attribute, set it to a value of Ready, then click OK.

  8. The object should now be complete. Watch the appropriate Event Monitor and Engine console screens for indication that the Action Object has been processed.

  9. After the Action Object has been processed, the cccFSFactoryActionResult and cccFSFactoryActionStatus attributes are filled in with values indicating success or failure for the processed operation.