3.11 Performing Manage Operations

The final step in the migration process is to rebuild catalog information for managed users, groups, and storage from Active Directory and the file system. Perform the following sets of steps for users managed by user policies and for groups and containers managed by collaborative policies.

This procedure rebuilds catalog information for storage for all users in a specific container of a directory tree. You should perform this operation for containers and groups with users managed by User Home Folder policies.

  1. In NSMAdmin, click the Main tab and select Storage Management.

  2. Right click a container in the left panel and select Users Actions > Manage.

  3. With Run in Check Mode selected, click Run.

  4. Select Expand to view the results.

  5. Click the Action column to sort.

    If there is no applicable policy for users in the container, no action will be taken since these users are not managed by Novell Storage Manager.

  6. Click Collapse.

  7. Uncheck Run in Check Mode and click Run.

  8. Click Consistency Check.

  9. Click Expand.

  10. Click the Policy column to sort by policy.

  11. Verify that the users are now managed.

  12. Close the Take Action form.

  13. Repeat these steps for all containers and groups that have an associated policy that was migrated.

  14. Proceed with Section 3.12, Installing and Configuring the Event Monitor.