1.3 New in Version 3.0.4

Certificate Management

Enhanced SSL Certificate Management enables you to generate your own SSL certificates when installing the NSM Engine. For more information, see NSM Engine Certificate Management.

Data Movement

Beginning with the release of Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory 3.0.4, the default behavior of checking for open files before movement of data has changed. By default, Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory no longer checks if there are open files within a given source path.

This approach differs from previous versions of Novell Storage Manager, which performed an enumeration of all folders and files in a source path to determine if any files were open. This change applies to user and collaborative storage.

If you want to enable the previous exhaustive open file checking prior to the movement of data, edit the configuration file at /etc/opt/novell/storagemanager/engine/config/nsmengine.conf and add the following setting within the NSM Engine settings:


After you add the setting, you must restart the NSM Engine.