Novell Storage Manager 4.0 for eDirectory Release Notes

March 2015

1.0 About this Release

This update to Novell Storage Manager 4.0 for eDirectory is a maintenance release that offers new functionality and addresses several bug fixes.

IMPORTANT:As of December 31, 2014, Novell discontinued Extended Support for Open Enterprise Server 2. As a result, the components located in the SLES10 folder of the Novell Storage Manager 4.0 ISO are included as a courtesy for Open Enterprise Server 2 customers who have not yet upgraded to a supported version of Open Enterprise Server. These components are not supported, and their inclusion is not an indication that they are supported.

Novell Storage Manager will continue to support Open Enterprise Server 2 as a storage target.

2.0 Security Update

2.1 FREAK Vulnerability

This build addresses the OpenSSL FREAK vulnerability. For more information, see

3.0 New Features

New features have been made to the NSMAdmin administrative interface as well as to the NSM Engine.

3.1 Administrative Interface

Export Policy Associations

The policy associations are now exported when you export a policy. If you intend to import an exported policy, you will need to perform the Remove From Database Management Action and then perform a Manage Management Action for the objects to which the policy applies.

When you import a policy, the objects that were managed by the policy become unmanaged objects; hence, the need to re-manage the objects affected by the imported policy.

3.2 NSM Engine

Improved Support for DSfW

Events generated by objects created in an environment where Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) has been configured generate invalid object FDNs, which are now corrected by the NSM Engine.

4.0 Bug Fixes

This update addresses previous bugs with the Event Monitor and NSM Engine.

4.1 Administrative Interface

Event Monitor Configuration

When an Event Monitor misses a heartbeat and the NSM Engine is in a time zone whose offset is plus GMT (e.g. GMT +1), the Event Monitor configuration no longer indicates that a warning is present with the affected Event Monitor.

4.2 NSM Engine


Fixed the issue where vaulting of a deleted user’s storage would not take place.

Rename User

Fixed the issue relating to user create events not processing properly when followed by a rename event for the same user.

Event Processor

Fixed the issue where events that would appear to be eligible would not process unless the NSM Engine service was restarted.