4.10 Performing a Consistency Check

Performing a follow-up consistency check allows you to verify that other policy specifications that you established in the user home folder policy are being enacted.

  1. In NSMAdmin, click the Main tab.

  2. Click Storage Management.

  3. In the left pane, browse to select the organizational unit associated with the policy that you created earlier.

  4. Select the Filters check box that is associated with Users.

  5. In the right pane, locate and right-click TESTUSER, then select User Actions > Consistency Check.

    The Take Action – User Mode page appears.

  6. Click Process Selected Targets.

  7. Verify that the settings for the home folder attribute (DS Path), Flags, Rights, and Quota are what you established when you configured the policy. Additionally, verify that the Management status is set to “Managed” and that the Mgmt Path and DS Path match (a check mark in the Paths Match column indicates a match).