5.12 Exporting Policies

Novell Storage Manager provides the ability to export policies so that they can be imported later. For example, many customers first evaluate Novell Storage Manager in a lab environment and create a large number of policies in the process. You can export these policies and later import them into the production environment. All exported policies are saved in a single XML file.

  1. In NSMAdmin, click the Main tab.

  2. Click Policy Management.

  3. From the Manage Policies drop-down menu, select Export Policies.

  4. Select the check boxes of those policies you want to export.

  5. Accept the default export filename or indicate a new one in the Policy Export File field.

  6. Accept the default path of the file or browse to select a new path.

  7. Click Export.

  8. After you are notified that the policies have been exported, click Close.