7.0 Managing Existing Collaborative Storage

This section includes the procedures for using Storage Manager to manage the managed paths that are assigned to Group objects or containers in Active Directory.

In a Storage Manager environment, group-based or container-based storage is referred to as “collaborative storage,” because Storage Manager, through its collaborative policies, provides the means of creating storage folders where members can easily collaborate through a single project folder, or even through a structured project folder where all members have personal subfolders.

Similar to Section 5.0, Managing Existing User Storage, this section provides the basic procedures for managing collaborative storage, which includes associating groups and containers with shared storage, and setting the target path, quota rules, and grooming rules.

This section does not provide procedures for establishing a structured project folder with personal subfolders, which are enabled through template creation and Dynamic Template Processing. For a comprehensive discussion on managing collaborative storage, including Dynamic Template Processing, see Section 8.0, Managing Collaborative Storage.

The process for managing existing storage and creating personal subfolders involves several tasks: