F.0 Managed Path Naming Attribute Specifications

Storage Manager traditionally uses the sAMAccountName attribute values for naming managed paths for user and group collaborative policies. The Managed Path Naming Attribute (MPNA) provides more granular control over how managed paths are named for user and group collaborative policies. Each MPNA Action Block applies to either a User/User Auxiliary policy type or a Group Collaborative policy type. You can link one or more policies to an appropriate MPNA Action Block to control which attribute applies for naming the managed path as well as the Groom and Vault paths.

The MPNA doesn't apply to Dynamic Template Folders that are created as part of the collaborative template processing. These folders are not managed per se and will continue to be named based on the sAMAccountName attribute.

As with the sAMAccountName attribute, values should be unique for the attribute you choose for an MPNA Action Block or policy in order to avoid naming collisions in the file system as you manage storage with Storage Manager. If you choose an attribute other than sAMAccountName for a MPNA Action Block or policy, ensure that the process used to populate the attribute’s values can guarantee unique values for the storage objects being managed by that policy. If duplicate values occur for the policy, it is possible for related storage management events to go pending because the target path is not available.