SuperLumin Nemesis 3 and iProxy 2

Download and Installation

downloading and installing

Do the following:

  1. Download the ISO image listed at the top of the download page.
  2. Use the MD5 Verification Checksum to verify that your downloaded file is not corrupted.
  3. Create a CD from the ISO image file.
  4. To install your server, complete the instructions in the "Getting Started Guide" (superluminqs.pdf) located at the root of the CD.

accessing the documentation

After your server is installed, you can access the complete product documentation by pointing your Web browser to


features and capabilities

For a full list of Nemesis 3 and iProxy 2 features and capabilities, see the SuperLumin Web site

known issues

Before you install these SuperLumin products, read the Readme First file on the SuperLumin Web site.

After installing and before using the products, read the Main Readme file.

Download the most recent patch update

To download the latest supported build, go to Please verify any downloads against the MD5SUMS file at the same location. Existing customers can perform an online update via the CLI (slash). The steps to perform an online update are:

  1. slash
  2. exec
  3. online-update
  4. check-for-updates - Check if software updates are available
  5. refresh - Refresh the internal software database
  6. show-version - Displays the current installed version of the software
  7. update - Updates the software on the appliance

The server should be restarted after performing an online update.

legal notices

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